Automatic Top and Bottom Drive Fruit Box Machine (ATFUX)

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Automatic Top and Bottom Drive Fruit Box Machine (ATFUX)



The BestPack ATFUX Series carton sealer is an operator free carton sealing machine, using pressure sensitive tape, designed to cater to heavy duty needs of packing houses using HSC cartons. Great for use in packaging oranges, potatoes, or apples.

Sealer includes four stations:
  • An indexer station
  • A positive outer sleeve lifter station with shaker, to assure proper squaring of the top flaps before entering the flap folding station
  • A flap fold station closes the top flaps
  • A final station seals the top and bottom flaps leaving the top and bottom flaps sealed but not tabbed together



  • Self Centering Guide Rails
  • Adjustable Compression Rollers
  • Width/Height Adjustment on either side of machine
  • Drive Belts are Equipped w/ a "V" Guide
  • Tape Roll Lengths: 1000 yd., 1500 yd., 2000 yd.
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • UL Approved Electrical Parts
  • Capable of Interchanging 2" or 3" Tape Heads


Standard Equipment

  • Exclusive Pop-out pressure sensitive "high speed" tape heads w/ patented tab adjustment and noise reduction arm
  • Maintenance Free, Oil-less Air Cylinders
  • Easy to thread tape heads
  • Operation Manual


Optional Equipment

  • Stainless Steel
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Infeed/Exit Conveyor


Machine & Carton Specifications

Power Requirements:

220 Volts, 3 Phase, 20 Amps, 10:1 Ratio, 1/5 hp

Air Requirements:

90 PSI, 8 CFM


Up to 38 cartons/minute

Tape Head:

Standard: 3", Available: 2"

Shipping Weight:

1,098 lbs

Machine Dimensions ¹:

L: 107.25"
W: 32.25"
H: 60.0"

Carton Min/Max Range²:

L: 16.73" - 23.27"
W: 11.22" - 15.31"
H: 5.24" - 10.5"

This page last updated: 09/16/2008

The information herein is subject to change without notice.

¹ Machine weight and dimensions may vary depending on carton sizes. Please view brochure for complete machine specifications.

² Carton ranges are fully customizable. Please inquire with our sales team with your specific requirements.

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