About Us

PM Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd is a packaging solutions company. Our focus is on designing packaging that enhances your product on-shelf, driving your sales. We can provide initial rendered drawings to enable you make decisions on how your product will look on-shelf. We also guarantee the product that we design is manufacturable with quality at every stage of the process while ensuring the work is completed in the required time-scale, giving the client peace of mind that any launch dates or deadlines will be met.

For your information, no matter what shape, material or process, we can deliver innovative and intelligent packaging solutions for almost any purpose. With access to key suppliers throughout the world, our solutions offer value, are functional and have a strong on-shelf presence.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves not only in the products and professional service we offer, but also in our commitment to deliver innovative and intelligent packaging solutions, our high environmental standards and our dedication to customer service. We believe that innovation is the key to our success. Through a firm commitment to research and development, we have earned a reputation for being at the forefront of packaging innovation. We provide our customers with advanced solutions that increase production efficiency, improve load integrity and reduce operating costs.

Over the years, we've continuously refined our existing products and created new ones to take advantage of evolving technologies and to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. That responsiveness has made PM Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd the industry leader in packaging systems.