Manual Packing Station (MBF)

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Manual Packing Station (MBF)

Manual Packing Station (MBF)


The BestPack MBF bottom flap folder/packing station closes the bottom flaps and holds the carton in position while the operator fills the carton. The operator then pushes the carton to the next station. A great addition when placed in front of one of our flagship carton sealers.



  • Stand-alone units
  • Adjustble Bed Height from 24.5" to 30.0"
  • Will operate with any of our BestPack? adjustable or random systems
  • Air operated at 4-6 cfm at 80 lb. of pressure
  • No electricity needed
  • Cost Effective
  • Included one-year warranty against defects on all parts


Machine & Carton Specifications

Power Requirements:

Up to 6 cartons/minute

Shipping Weight:

232 lbs

Machine Dimensions ¹:

L: 55.0"
W: 29.0"
H: 36.0"

Carton Min/Max Range²:

L: 5.0" - 24.0"
W: 7.5" - 21.0"
H: Unlimited

This page last updated: 08/13/2007

The information herein is subject to change without notice.

¹ Machine weight and dimensions may vary depending on carton sizes. Please view brochure for complete machine specifications.

² Carton ranges are fully customizable. Please inquire with our sales team with your specific requirements.

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